Mirjam Leussink
Body & Soul Vitality, LLC


Creating vitality in body and soul is an individual journey that can take on many different forms; I specialize in  emotional,   relational  and   physical wellness  and  healing.

I support and guide you on your path to self-actualization through 

                  - Health & Wellness, self-development, and/or 

                  - Nature-based Coaching,  

                  - Grief Support, as well as 

                  - Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, including Sound Healing

                  - Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (focus on stress relief and healing).

Driven by a deep desire for self-development and connection as a means to a fulfilling life, I am dedicated to helping you understand and heal, open your heart, and reconnect to your truth, so you can rediscover your unique self and live your life on purpose.

"I would like my life to be a statement of Love and Compassion - and where it is not, that is where my work lies" ~ Ram Das


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